Roulette Rules & Strategy

The game or Roulette is pretty simple to understand and play. You need to know the basics however to play the game and not lose money.

  1. At a time 8 players can participate in a spin in house.
  2. These players place their bets on numbers or a group of numbers and the trick is to make the ball fall in their wagered number slot.
  3. These bets are placed with colored chips laid on the table.
  4. The wheel is set spinning in motion and that is when the player is supposed to throw the ball in it and expect the result according to his bet.
  5. The ball is thrown in the opposite direction of the spinning of wheel.
  6. When the ball settles in a slot, the fate of the players is decided. It is one of the most exciting and mysterious games played ever.
  7. If a player is experienced in this game, he can develop a strategy and play to make sure he does not suffer losses and his profits are maximized.
  8. The usual strategy is to play and if you lose, you double the amount of your last bet to recover the losses and still keep ahead of the game by winning next time.
  9. Usually a smart player will play and keep doubling his amount till he wins to recover from his losses and also earn a profit on it. Of course, if you are lucky the first time its even better.
  10. Lastly, it is always better to be prepared with these rules before you go and play since an amateur has little chances of winning more money.

Roulette Strategy ?

First let us be very clear on a thing, play roulette responsibly & remember it must be played for the entertainment purposes only, contrary on what many web sites tell you, the roulette isn’t the get rich scheme. As explained in the roulette bot pages there can be some kind of roulette strategy, but keep in mind that nothing is assured with the roulette and nobody will guarantee that you can win or you certainly will not be reading “assured to win” on the web site till word “not” is in it. In case, you are brand new in playing roulette games, then you would like to read on how you can roulette so you are well prepared. Also, we have discussed odds & pay outs so you know about different choices that are available. Now let us begin digging in different systems that you may use.