Best French Roulette

The goal and rules in French Roulette are not much different than those of the other types of roulette. The bet is placed on a particular number, color or group of numbers to win. The wheel has 37 number pockets as it is with the European variant. The number pockets are from 0 to 37, where numbers 1-37 alternate between red and black and the zero has green color.

There are a few features that distinguish French Roulette from the other variations. The first is that all numbers on the betting layout have red color, which is actually irrelevant to the game and the red/black bet, as being only a preferred design. As it is with the European Roulette, the French wheel has only one zero pocket, which decreases the advantage of the house. There is an additional rule in the French variant called “la partage”, according to which if the winning number is zero all players with even-money bets lose only half of it. All bets on the betting layout are in French and there are a few additional that distinguish this variant from others, known as “call bets”. If you want to play French roulette for real money you can choose one of the casino sites The European Roulette is actually offered very frequently by casinos online than by the land based counterparts that is real advantage for online player.

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In the roulette world 3 various roulette games are most popular. They called European Roulette, American Roulette, as well as French Roulette. Differences between all of them might appear small, however let us assure you in a long run they will have the impact on profits.

French roulette

The French Roulette is as well the “single zero” roulette and thus the better choice than the American Roulette. Like the European Rolette it gives 37 distinct numbers & probably biggest difference between 2 roulette games is all bet names on table layout are all written in French.

As house benefit is same as in the European Roulette, it cannot make difference in case, playing one or other. You may stumble on some of the minor rules variations in casinos, thus ensure to check this beforehand. We can discuss right casino selection thoroughly later, however for now remember that the European roulette or else French roulette are better bet than American roulette.